Bendixsen, Herman - US Merchant Marines                                         

King Cove, Alaska

Herman Bendixsen, Pvt., was born to Axel and Annie (Uttecht) Bendixsen.  He married Xenia Zoia Kuzakin.

Herman’s father raised fox on Cherni Island, he spent much of his youth with the family on the Island. He was fishing in Bristol Bay on a 32 ft one-mast sailboat when he volunteered to join the military.

Herman first joined the Alaska Territorial Guard in 1942 to serve in the Aleutian Campaign.  He joined the U.S. Army Merchant Marines, 12 August 1944, and was stationed in Dutch Harbor, Attu, Shemya, and Adak, all outposts in the Aleutian Islands.  In Adak he captained a military harbor craft.   Herman was discharged from the Army, August 1946, he was officially discharged from the Alaska Territorial Guard, 21 Mar 1947.

Herman was the owner and captain of several commercial fishing vessels: Marie G, Sea Hawk, Susan Raye, Northwester, PG 50, Dutchman, Mermaid, Sacco and Sea Wolf.     

Status:  retired, Going Strong

Photo Courtesy: The Aleut Corporation. 

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