Christiansen, Howard O. - U.S. Army

King Cove, Alaska

Howard Christiansen, Pvt., was the son of Nellie Christiansen, he married Christine Samuelson. 

Howard joined the U.S. Army in 1965, at Ft. Richardson, Alaska.  He did boot camp at Ft. Hood, Killeen, TX, and was stationed for more training at Ft Lewis Army Base, WA, before doing a 10-month service in Vietnam.  Howard was a 105mm howitzer gunner.   After his Vietnam tour he returned to Ft. Richardson to complete his three years of service and was released in 1967. 

Howard has been a lifelong commercial fisherman in the Aleutian Peninsula Area M for more than 50 years, for 20 of those years he tendered salmon from fishing vessels to the processing companies.  He has worked as a crew member on several different fishing vessels and is currently a deck crewman on the fishing vessel Shonna Jacole.  

Status: still fishing, Going Strong

Photo Courtesy:  Howard Christiansen (Vietnam)

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