Dobson, Thomas - U.S. Army

King Cove, Alaska

Thomas Dobson, Jr., Pvt., was born 11 Nov 1929, his parents were Thomas Sr. and Mary (Smith) Dobson.  He married Mary Dee Ray from Texas.

At age 13, Thomas joined the Alaska Territorial Guard in 1942 to serve in the Aleutian Campaign during World War II. He was officially discharged 21 Mar 1947.  

Thomas joined the U.S. Army at Ft. Richardson, Alaska, when he was 16 and served on an Army transport ship in the Aleutians.  

Thomas was a trapper and a commercial fisherman, he owned the F.V Erna. He learned to fly an airplane and was a skilled carpenter.  He owned and operated King Cove Trading Post and Tom’s Record Store. Thomas worked for the City of King Cove Public Works.  He was a community leader.  Thomas served as the City of King Cove mayor and also held a city council seat for a number of years.  He was the village police officer.  After retirement he owned and operated Dobson’s Boardwalk Pizza. 

Status:  deceased, 4 Jul 2015

Photo Courtesy:  1 & 2. Dobson Family  

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