Galovin, Ray M. -  U.S. Marines

Unga, Alaska

Ray M. Galovin, Sgt., was born in Unga 3 May 1932, his parents were Michael and Martha (Gould) Galovin, he married Loycee Allen.  

Ray was a local National Guardsman, a member of the 874th coast artillery battery beginning his training June 1948 in Bellingham, Washington.  He attended a summer training early June 1949, at Camp Hayden, WA.  

Ray joined the U.S. Marines July 1950, he was stationed at First Marine Division, El Toro, California.  Ray was assigned to a tour of duty in Korea, he was discharged from service in 1954.  

Status:  deceased, 18 Aug 1994

Photo courtesy: Nellie Vrieling

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