Glass, John - U.S. Navy

Belkofski, Alaska

John Glass was from Belkofski, he was born in early to mid 1940s, his parents were Alex and Akulina Glass.   John’s foster mother was Maggie Smith, he also used the name John Smith.  

John joined the U.S. Navy, his dates of service are unknown.

He is remembered by those who knew him in Belkofski and King Cove, Alaska, as, “kind and caring, a good man.”

Status: deceased, date unknown

Photo courtesy:  1.  Mack Family  


It is believed that the memorial at Ft. Richardson, AK, is John Glass Smith's monument.  Estimated birth and death dates remembered by Belkofski/King Cove residents are close approximates to those on the memorial, and the Greek Orthodox cross on the memorial represents his Alaskan Native culture and traditions.  

2. Alaska findagrave Ft Richardson, AK, photo credit Kristi Veuleman

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