Grassomoff, Barney - U.S. Army

Simeonof Island, Alaska

Barney Grassomoff, Pvt., was born 6 Jul 1907, he was the son of Gregory “Grishka" and Mary (Gal’vinev) Gerasimov.  He was raised on Simeonof and Unga Island in the Shumagin Islands, Alaska.  

Barney joined the U.S. Army 9 May 1942, to served in World War II.  His discharge date is unknown.

Barney and his brother Alec left Simeonoff Island to trap on Little Koniuji Island 25 Nov 1946, they were found deceased in a small cabin.  The last date crossed off the calendar was 28 Nov 1946. 

Status: interred on Little Koniuji Island, Shumagin Islands, Alaska.

Photo courtesy:  World War II Registration

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