Gundersen, Christian - Ak Territorial Guard

Sanak Island, Alaska

Christian Gundersen, 1Sgt., was born 9 Aug 1914, he was the son of Chris Sr. and Katie (Mobeck) Gundersen. Chris married Julia Carlson.

He joined the Alaska Territorial Guard in 1942 and served in the Aleutian Campaign during World War II.  He was officially discharged 21 Mar 1947.

On Sanak Island, Chris raised cattle and chickens, he owned a small grocery store, and he was also contracted by the government to deliver heating fuel to other communities on the Aleuian Peninsula.  Chris was a commerical fisherman, he was the owner and captain of fishing vessels, Tommy, Pauline Mae and Korovin.  He served as president of the Sanak Corporation and was honored for his life achievements by the Aleut Corporation of which he was a member.  For more information of his life, read “Chris Gundersen’s Life Stories” as told to Rodger Holmberg.

Status: deceased, 18 Nov 2011

Photo courtesy: 1. Donna Jones                                  

2.  FV Korovin, Gundersen family collection   


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