Gundersen, Paul M. - U.S. Army

Nelson Lagoon, Alaska

Paul Martin Gundersen, was born 15 Sept 1921, he was the son of Martin G. and Katie (Sawa) Gundersen.  

Paul joined the U.S. Army 19 Nov 1942, he was a scout assigned to the Castner’s Cutthroats.  He traveled by dog sled charting a course of travel across interior Alaska.  Paul was stationed at Shemya and was a part of the crew that build the Sheyma Air Force Base.

Paul was a trapper and commerical fisherman. He owned several fishing vessels, the last was the FV BJ.  He was a community leader, promoting many improvements for his community.  The Nelson Lagoon health clinic is named in his honor, the “Paul Martin Gundersen Memorial Clinic.”

Status: deceased, 11 Mar 1993

Photo courtesy: 1 & 2, Beverly Gundersen 

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