Harris, Peter Sr. - U.S. Army

Izembak Bay, Alaska

Peter Harris Sr. was born 24 Dec 1913, his parents were James and Alexandria (Kinozerov) Harris.  He married Esther Ann Gilbert.

Peter joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to shore patrol along the Aleuian Peninsula and its Islands during the World War II Aleutian Campaign, his unit patrolled the shores near Cold Bay and King Cove, and Sanak and Deer Islands. 

As of 1 June 1942, there were 13,000 men stationed at Ft. Randall in Cold Bay, Alaska.

Peter was a commerical fisherman in the Aleutian Area and Seldovia, Alaska. 

Status: deceased, 18 Mar 1969

Photo Courtesy:  Peter Harris Jr.

Photos are from Peter Harris Sr collection, they were taken during World War II.

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