Holmberg, Frederick - US Army

Sanak Island, Alaska

Frederick Holmberg, Pvt, is the son of John Sr. and Sophie (Andersen) Holmberg.  He was raised on Sanak Island until he was 18 years old, then moved to Sand Point, AK.  

Frederick joined the U.S. Army 2 Jun 1966, he did boot camp at Ft. Ord Army Base, California.  He was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood Army Base, Missouri, until being shipped overseas for a 13-month tour in Korea.   He was a combat engineer and also worked in military food service.  Frederick was stationed at Ft. Hood Army Base, Texas, until his discharge from service.  He was discharged 2 Jun 1968, but remained reserve active for several years.   

Fredrick was a lifelong commercial fisherman in the Aleutian Peninsula Area M and presently is gillnet drifting on the Kenai Peninsula, AK.   He was the owner of fishing vessels, Hunter, Jirah, and Miss Anna, he currently owns the FV Primetime.  

Status: still fishing, Going Strong

Photo courtesy:  Mary Mobeck

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