Hubley, Archibald, U.S Army Air Forces

Unga, Alaska

Archibald “Archie" Hubley, Sgt., was born 12 Oct 1909, his parents were John and Nadezda (Chernoff) Hubley.   In the Shumagin Islands he lived in Unga village and Sand Point where he fished for halibut and Cod with his father, John.  He moved with his family to Kodiak, Alaska, in 1927 when he was 18 years old.     

Archie joined the U.S. Army Air Forces 1 April 1942, and served in World War II, his date of discharge is unknown.   Archie raised and trapped fox on Chirikoff Island.   On the island he caught and tamed wild horses training them to pull wagons loaded with wood and other necessities.  He constructed a windmill to tell the wind direction each day.

Archie was a commerical fisherman.  He was in Port Bailey when the 1964 Alaskan earthquake struck, sitting on the deck of his fishing vessel Joanne.   When the shaking began he heard a loud commotion on shore as everything started falling in the cannery buildings.  Anchoring his boat between two docks with a 40 fathom anchor line he went ashore in his dory and helped take the most important documents and a radio from the cannery store to an area uphill where the people stayed the night.  After the tsunami hit he saw houses, lumber, boats, and other debris floating everywhere inland.   Many boats were floating outward to sea.  Archie and his crew used his boat Joanne to rescue the boats towing them safely back to shore. 

For 24 years, Archie worked on fishing tenders for Kodiak Fisheries in Port Bailey, working his way from deckhand to being the ship skipper.  He also chartered his boat Joanne to tender the gillnet boats in Port Bailey.  Archie retired from the fishing industry in 1972.  In Kodiak he worked for Kraft & Sons Merchandise.

Status: deceased, 2 Oct 2000

Photo courtesy:   1. Don McCallum Jr.   2. & 3. Elvani “inside” Iluani, vol 2, no 1                

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