Mack, Carl H. - U.S. Marine Corps 

King Cove, Alaska

Carl Henry Mack, Sgt., was born 15 Sept 1949, his parents were Carl Sr. and Nida (Wilson) Mack.  Carl married Debra Wilson.

Carl joined the US Marines Corps 14 Mar 1969, he was assigned to a tour of duty in Vietnam.  Carl was discharged from service, 5 Nov 1970.  

He was a commerical fisherman in King Cove.  Carl worked for TeleAlaska for 17 years, providing services in Sand Point, King Cove, Cold Bay and Unalaska, AK.  He served on the Unalaska Planning Commission.  

Status: deceased, 02 Jun 2002

Photo Courtesy: 1. Pavlof News  

2. International Wargraves Photograph Project.

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