Osterback, Alvin Sr. - U.S. Army 

Wosnesenski Island, Alaska

Alvin Osterback, Sr. was born 21 Jan 1915, his parents were Alfred and Feckla Osterback, he married Marie Vanner.   

During World War II, Alvin served in the U.S. Army as a captain in the Army Transport Service.  He also served as an Alaska state representative from 1974 until 1980.  He was inducted into the Educational Hall of Fame and was also awarded The Aleut Corporation Shareholder of the Year in 1993.  He was a leader in his community, Sand Point, and in the State of Alaska.   He captured the eye of many on the dance floor dancing his way into his 90th year.  Alvin was a lifelong commercial fisherman and a shipwright.  

Status:  deceased, 24 Nov 2005                    

Photo courtesy:  Osterback Family

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