Osterback, David - U.S. Air Force  

Sand Point, Alaska

David Osterback, Sgt E-4, was raised in False Pass, on Wosnesenski Island, and in the community of Sand Point.  David attended Sheldon Jackson High School, in Sitka, Alaska.  His father was the late Alvin Osterback Sr. and his mother is Marie Osterback.

David joined the U.S Air Force Nov 1965, he did boot camp at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX,  He was also stationed at Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA., and Ranstein AFB, Germany.  David was released from service in 1969, he remained reserve active until 1971.  While in the Air Force, David served as a body guard for Governor Ronald Reagan.

David is a commercial fisherman in the Aleutian Peninsula Area M.  He owned and captained fishing vessels, Peggy Sue, Balboa, Kuuipo and Pacific Maid.  He also captained the FV Ranger.  

David has served on the Sand Point City Council; he has been a member of the Aleutians East Borough Regulation Planning Team since its inception; he is a member of the Sand Point Advisory Salmon Board; a member of the Fish & Game Advisory Commission for 40 years, for 20 of those years he was the board chairman; he was also the executive director of the Aleutians East Seafood Marketing Consortium.  Since 2000, David has been the president of the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe in Sand Point; a board member of the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association for 17 years, the board chairman for 12 of those years; and has been on the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board for 12 years.   He is the representative for Sand Point veterans.  David also worked on the transition teams for Governor Bill Sheffield and Governor Walter Hickel.  

Status: still fishing, Going Strong

Photo Courtesy: Lorna Osterback

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