Pedersen, Harold M. - U.S. Air Force

Unga, Alaska

Harold Michael Pederson, was born 6 August 1933, he was the son of Harold Sr. and Tillie (Berntsen) Pedersen.   He married Margaret E. Hem.  

Harold joined the U.S. Air Force, 25 Jan 1952, he was released on 24 Jan 1956.  

Harold was a commercial fisherman in Aleutian Peninsula Area M, he drift gillnetted around Unimak Island and fished for King crab in the Bering Sea and near Adak Island, Alaska.   He crewed on the FV Ketovia fishing in the Shumagin Islands, the boat also delivered mail to villages in the Aleutian communities.  

Status:  deceased, 19 Apr 2006

Photo courtesy: Dobson Family - Kotovia delivering mail to Aleutian communities.  Harold on deck and Tom Dobson recieving mail onto the dock.  

courtesy of the Aleut Corporation, logo designer ivy Pelkey, originally  of Akutan, Alaska