Rodgers, Adolph - U.S. Army Air Forces 

Unga, Alaska

Adolph I. Rodgers, 2LT., was born 15 Sept 1912, he was the son of Frank and Zenia Rodgers.  He attended high school in Seward, Alaska. 

Adolph became a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces and served during World War II.  He died in a plane crash in a snowstorm near Klamath Falls, Oregon.   

Recognition received by his mother: “….your son has given his life in the noblest cause in all the world.  The communities who knew him and the people of the whole country will always be grateful to those who have sacrificed their lives in this war for the maintenance of our freedom.”  Ernest Gruening, Governor of Alaska.

Adolph was a trapper on Mainland Alaska and a commerical fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Status: deceased, 14 Apr 1944 DNB

Photo courtesy: Sharon Gronholdt Dye

1. Adolph Rodgers  

2. Adolph and his grandmother Mary (Hubley) Larsen

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