Samuelson, Eric - U.S. Army

King Cove, Alaska

Eric Samuelson, Sgt. was the son of Erik Axel and Mary (Dushkin) Samuelson.  He married Florence Yatchmenoff.   

Eric joined the U.S. Army in 1953, he was stationed at Ft. Richardson, Alaska.  Eric was discharged in 1955.  As a sargeant of the military, Eric supervised a small squad of soldiers.  

Eric was a hunter and a trapper for fox, otter, and wolverine on the Bering Sea side of the Aleutian Peninsula.  He was a lifelong commerical fisherman in the Aleutian Peninsula Area M.  He owned and captained fishing vessels, Freedom, Return, the 1st and 2nd Mary Helen, and the Jill-Anne-I.

Status: retired, Going Strong

Photo courtesy:  1 & 2. Carol “Frankie” Mack

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