Stepetin, Haliehana - U.S. Navy

Akutan, Alaska

Haliehana Stepetin, FC2/E-5, was born and raised on Akutan, her father is the late Thomas Stepetin and her mother Annette Senger.    

Haliehana joined the U.S. Navy, 3 Dec 2008.  She was stationed for boot camp at Great Lakes, IL, her other stations were Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, VA, and Pearl Harbor, HI.  Haliehana served on the ship USS Chosin CG 65, her rank was Fire Controlman Second Class Petty Officer.   After four years of service she was discharged on 21 Dec 2012.   

Education:  University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK, ’16 BA in International Studies - Russia Track;   University of Washington, ’18 Master of Arts in Cultural Studies

Military Awards:  1. Expert pistolman  2. Expert rifleman  3. Good Conduct  4. Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist  

School Awards:  1. Honor graduate from Fire Controlman “A” School   2. Distinguished Military Graduate in Mk 86 Gun Fire Control System “C” School

Status: Going Strong,  “I am Unangax, the daughter of Thomas Stepetin."

Photo courtesy: 1. Haliehana in Dress Whites with M4     2.  Hailehana in Visit Board Search and Seizure combat team gear with 5” .54 caliber (Mk 86 GFCS) and Harpoon Missiles in background.   Haliehana Stepetin collection

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